Beautifully Grunged Bundle
Simple Pleasure Designs by Jennifer Fehr

Beautifully Grunged Bundle

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Value  $45 

OVER 500 distinctive pieces

Who says Grunge CAN’T be beautiful!!  You will find a fantastic balance of beauty AND Grunge in this collection!  Light, soft colours along with strong bold prints, hand drawn scribbles & word art.  Splatters, ribbons, reels & my personal favourite – old fashioned view-masters!   Have fun with true to life unique Photo Booth props & Mug Shot frames along with all the accessories.  Post it notes, LOTS of hand drawn hearts & sequins!  Sounds Girly - but it isn’t just for girls ;) There is burlap, BOLD textures, bolts, chicken wire, wood, TONS of grunge and all the versatility you’d expect in a Simple Pleasure Designs kit!

Discover Fun, & colorful Dymo style word art. Several banner styles, arrows, & TONS of frames!  There are many masks & overlays, as well, and it all works perfectly with the HUGE assortment of papers – You will especially LOVE the crossword papers to play with – a personal FAVE!  
Definitely a HUGE collection with HUGE Potential & most definitely a FAN FAVE!

This BUNDLE includes an $18 value:
3 Exclusive Kits including Over 100 additional pieces!


  • 65 Papers
  • 12 Overlay & Masks
  • Over 20 Frames
  • A full hand drawn ALPHA (79 pieces)
  • Nearly 300 various elements - hand drawn scribbles & hearts, banners,splatters, ribbons, reels, old fashioned view-masters! Photo Booth props & Mug Shot frames along with all the accessories.  Post it notes, hand drawn hearts & sequins!  burlap, BOLD textures, bolts, chicken wire, wood & TONS of grunge
  • 101 Word Art
  1. Bonus Slides & View master Kit: 22 Wooden Slides, View masters, film strips (BUNDLE ONLY – sold separately for $4.99)
  2. Bonus Photo Booth Kit: 50 Photo Booth & Mug Shot Collection
    (BUNDLE ONLY – sold separately for $4.99)
  3. Bonus Photo Overlays Kit:23 Bokeh Overlays, Papers & photo overlays    (BUNDLE ONLY – sold separately for $4.99)
  • Quality Checked – Artwork saved at 300 dpi
  • Personal Use Only
  • Universal Content (recognizable in all software programs).

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