The Kiss...


Here is a layout using the Vintage Layered Paper Freebie
Vintage Paper Freebie
Jellyka Western Princess, Monterey BT & Jellyka Waterways Seafare Font Styles.

How to Create:

  • Simply Add the Paper in the background and then place the photo on top.
  • Enlarge the photo until it nearly fills half the page. 
  • Now, go to the Cut and Fill ribbon and select the "Straight Cutter" drop the menu down and locate the blended edge. 
  • Now blend each edge of the photo quite substantially.  Use the green rotate circles on the cutter to shift it for cutting the top and bottom.  For side to side cutting just look in the tool box and select invert the shaded area - this will allow you to blend one side and then invert and blend the other side.
  • Now add your text (I flattened my text - filled it with a color sampled from the page itself) I also applied the small burlap surface (found in the Format Ribbon).
  • To create the swirly effect on the the Letter "K" I created a text box and entered the letter K with the Jellka Waterways Font (flattened it) enlarged it and then cut the swirl away from the letter.  I then placed it just slightly beneath the word Kiss.
  • The Word Kiss was created with two font styles the "K" is Monterey BT and "iss" is Jellyka Western Princess. 
  • "The" is Jellka Western Princess.  Some of my new favorite "Scripty" Font Styles!
  • I also used the "fractal map filter" found in the Format Ribbon under filters.  There are several choices in the drop down menu when you select fractal map - there are high clouds, mist, heavy clouds, noise etc... I wanted the text to appear as though it was wistful, blended into the background somewhat - so the fractal map filter applies this effect.  I believe I went in and applied a few different "fractal map" features to the words.  
  • TIP:   Once you have created your text - flatten the words and then select each word while depressing your shift key - right click and group them all together - now you can apply effects to the whole rather than individual words.
  • I also applied shadows and a custom glow in white.

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