I love this photo of my oldest!  This layout emphasizes his bubbly, bouncy attitude!  A simple yet effective layout to draw out the personality of this fantastic shot of him!  
  • For now... check out your gradient options in the Cut and Fill ribbon.  For each letter - create a separate text box, shift the lettering up, down etc... until you have them positioned where you desire them to be.
  • Flatten each letter in order to enlarge them, fill them with two tone colored gradients etc... here you can experience with different gradients - don't forget to scroll down to the very last row - my favorite is the second from the left :0)
  • After filling with two tone color gradients - play with your 3D filter found in the Format Ribbon under Filters. I set all 3 sliders all the way over to the right for maximum Bounce!
  • You can even create your own "faux" stitching!!  More to come on this technique later ;0)
  • Have fun with the bouncy border freebie!

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